The AWS Primer Instructor-Led Training course introduces AWS products, services, and common solutions with demos, knowledge checks, and hands-on lab activities. It provides learners with the basic fundamentals to become more proficient in AWS and empowers them to make informed decisions about IT solutions based on business requirements.


AWS Primer course by Cloud Clap Technologies on various AWS products, services and solutions. The course is designed as per the latest and updated AWS syllabus. You will gain proficiency in identifying AWS services and master the fundamentals of AWS could platform. Two live projects included in the course will attest your expertise in using the AWS platform. Live demos included in the course, demonstrate on the usage of AWS console to create instances and S3 buckets.

Course Outline
  •  Introduction Cloud Computing & History to AWS
  •  Creating accounts and analyzing the cost breakdown
  •  Navigate the AWS Management Console
  •  Identity AWS Global Infrastructure
  •  Describe the security measures AWS provides
  •  AWS Storage & Content Delivery
  •  Compute Services & Networking
  •  Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  •  AWS Managed Services & Database
  •  Verify key aspects of Amazon RDS
  •  Execute an Amazon RDS drive application
  •  Amazon CloudWatch metrics and alarms
  •  Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM)


  Courses Highlights

  Practical Training
  Assignment 20 hrs
  Projects 10 hrs

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I was fortunate to be offered a summer internship at Cloudclap Technologies, a great  startup specializing in providing software solutions on cloud platform. The company has a very optimistic and friendly culture having no bossy blots. This internship provided me an opportunity to work for the company, code for a live and challenging project and made me realize the co-ordination and thinking required to find the most efficient way to work.

Shubham Bhasin

I learnt so much at Cloud Clap Technologies, that I have confidence I can fit, I can contribute and I can do IT. I discovered the geek in me.

Sachin Kumar

Our mentors at Cloud Clap Technologies were super chilled and extremely knowledgeable about their subjects. There were no PowerPoint presentations, no boring lectures.

Naveen Yadav

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