Oracle database is widely used by all small and big organizations to store their critical data that helps them to plan their business strategies. The primary goal of Oracel DBA course is to prepare the students to pass the OCA and OCP exams. This Oracle10g/11g/12c course is designed by IT Expetrs to provide deep understanding of the DBA concepts.


In addition, this course provides sample OCA & OCP exam sample questions.We offer a course on Oracle 11g/12c DBA OCA & OCP. Oracle 11g DBA training takes the database administrator beyond the basic tasks covered in the SQL NEW and Administration Workshop I and Workshop II.

Course Outline
  •  Introduction to oracle database
  •  Retrieve data using the sql select statement
  •  Learn to restrict and sort data
  •  Usage of single-row functions to customize output
  •  Invoke conversion functions and conditional expressions
  •  Aggregate data using the group functions
  •  Display data from multiple tables using joins
  •  Use sub-queries to solve queries
  •  The set operators
  •  Data manipulation statements
  •  Use of ddl statements to create and manage tables
  •  Other schema objects
  •  Control user access
  •  Management of schema objects
  •  Manage objects with data dictionary views
  •  Manipulate large data sets
  •  Data management in different time zones
  •  Retrieve data using sub-queries
  •  Regular expression support
  •  Oracle database 11g : administration – 1
  •  Installing your oracle software
  •  Creating an oracle database
  •  Managing the oracle database instance
  •  Manage the asm instance
  •  Configuring the oracle network environment
  •  Managing database storage structures
  •  Administering user security
  •  Managing data concurrencys
  •  Managing undo data
  •  Implementing oracle database auditing
  •  Database maintenance
  •  Performance management
  •  Backup and recovery concepts
  •  Performing database backups
  •  Moving data
  •  Working with support
  •  Oracle database 11g : administration – 2
  •  Configuring for recoverability
  •  Using the rman recovery catalog
  •  Configuring backup settings
  •  Creating backups with rman
  •  Restore and recovery task
  •  Using rman to perform recovery
  •  Monitoring and tuning rman
  •  Diagnosing the database
  •  Using flashback technology i
  •  Using flashback technology ii
  •  Performing flashback database
  •  Managing memory
  •  Managing database performance
  •  Managing performance by sql tuning
  •  Managing resources
  •  Automating tasks with the scheduler
  •  Managing space in blocks


  Courses Highlights

  Practical Training
  Assignment 20 hrs
  Projects 10 hrs

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