The meaning and utility of SEO Grasping the basics of how search engines work Understanding different types of search engines and their scope Evaluating the target niche Using the right keywords for the correct traffic generation Traffic growth hacking Researching the keywords.


You’ve probably heard it a hundred times: When it comes to creating content for search engine optimization (SEO), it’s crucial that you always write for the user FIRST and the search engines second. This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to writing compelling and action-oriented meta descriptions for your individual web pages.

Course Outline
  •  On Page Optimization
  •  Keyword planning, optimization & density
  •  Optimizing the content with the right keywords
  •  Planning the content calendar
  •  Internal linking
  •  Creating Title Tags, Meta Tags & H1 for SEO
  •  Use of HTML in website creation
  •  Website verification and Google Webmaster
  •  Creation of Website’s Site Map
  •  Use of FTP
  •  Website speed optimization
  •  Optimizing the website for crawling & indexing
  •  What is Anchor text
  •  Url code & url optimization
  •  Alt Tags for images
  •  Domain authority: Understanding the basic concepts
  •  How to increase your Page Rank
  •  Use of back links
  •  Link Building and their importance
  •  Content dissemination
  •  Use of social media in Link Building
  •  Info graphics, podcast & video
  •  What is Page Authority & Link Juice
  •  How to differentiate between different types of keywords
  •  Tips for using SEO promotion techniques
  •  How to select the right plug-in for word press and other CMS
  •  Link Juice: Its Significance and utility
  •  Highlights & understanding Google Panda Algorithm, EMD Update and Google Penguin
  •  Top tools to evaluate SEO performance


  Courses Highlights

  Practical Training
  Assignment 20 hrs
  Projects 10 hrs

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I was fortunate to be offered a summer internship at Cloudclap Technologies, a great  startup specializing in providing software solutions on cloud platform. The company has a very optimistic and friendly culture having no bossy blots. This internship provided me an opportunity to work for the company, code for a live and challenging project and made me realize the co-ordination and thinking required to find the most efficient way to work.

Shubham Bhasin

I learnt so much at Cloud Clap Technologies, that I have confidence I can fit, I can contribute and I can do IT. I discovered the geek in me.

Sachin Kumar

Our mentors at Cloud Clap Technologies were super chilled and extremely knowledgeable about their subjects. There were no PowerPoint presentations, no boring lectures.

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